North Pole 2022 Christmas Ornaments

Ornamenti di Natale North Pole 2022

Now that the big news of the opening of North Pole Christmas Shop® in Italy has been revealed, let's discover some of the Christmas decorations that you can find in our online store.

There will be a wide selection of collectibles from Katherine's Collection and Mark Roberts, two American brands that over time have established themselves as leaders in the production of high quality Christmas items. These two manufacturers specialize in the design of very unique objects with fantastic finishes and fabrics: Santas, Nutcrackers, collectible dolls, fabulous display objects, Christmas tree decorations and much more.

These two brands are distributed exclusively by Goodwill Belgium, another incredible company that has grown tremendously over the years, offering a world of enchanting decorations, as their motto says. The choice of Goodwill products will also be vast and suitable for all tastes and for every type of home.

Do not miss the Polish glass decorations, blown by Komozja Family Mostowski. North Pole Christmas Shop® has established itself in the UK as one of the largest suppliers of balls and glassware from this fabulous supplier. The selection is huge, especially as regards the Victorian-inspired "baubles" or the great classics, such as the glass globe with a horse or a reindeer.

There will also be many Christmas products to decorate the table from Easy Life, an Italian manufacturer of ceramics, specialized in providing really beautiful objects, which it is almost a shame to use. Tea cups, mugs, plates, trays, dessert holders ... all with a Christmas theme, with different subjects and styles. Another must that cannot be missing on your Christmas table. Surprise your friends with these beautiful Christmas ceramics.

Kurt Adler, the famous American manufacturer, is another of North Pole's "historic" brands and their ornaments will also be featured in our Christmas shop. For example, how can we forget Alice in Wonderland's line of nutcrackers. To the previous collection, this year an additional soldier will be added to complete the fabulous set. For fans of the genre it is an unmissable opportunity.

The Disney collectible characters of Jim Shore and the fantastic villages of Lemax, Luville and Department56 will be missing at the moment, but they will return to the great in 2023. The transition phase due to the opening of the new shop with the addition of the Covid problem, which has in fact, once again the fairs in Europe have been canceled and the sale of some products has been postponed for practical reasons.

From America there are many products from brands already distributed by North Pole or from new manufacturers. Also in Italy, it will be possible to find some products by Thomas Kinkade, distributed exclusively by Bradford Exchange and, exceptionally, by North Pole Christmas Shop®. Some objects are unavailable in Italy and the quantities are limited, so do not miss this opportunity if you too are passionate about the style of Thomas Kinkade.

Bethany Lowe is another of North Pole's historic brands and many of their Christmas products will finally arrive in Italy. Bethany Lowe is an American brand and finding their decorations in Europe is not easy, as they do not have a European distributor and the import of products from America has considerable costs. We are proud to be able to provide the ability to purchase products from our friend Bethany.

Jingle Nog is a North Pole novelty for 2022. The brand is American and the style is unmistakable, with the classic colors of American Christmas. Yet Jingle Nog's glass balls are handcrafted in Poland. We hope they will surprise you and like how they hit North Pole. The details and the quality are mind blowing. The style is truly festive and can only convey joy. Imagine these decorations on your Christmas tree. All your friends will ask you where you got them!

As you can see, the choice is wide and many other products will arrive in the future. However, as many of our friends and customers do, feel free to contact us to ask for information, to provide us with suggestions on new brands or other products you would like to find on the site and also to pre-order the products before the season to ensure them exclusively. Not all products are distributed in large quantities (think for example of Thomas Kinkade's Christmas train) so pre-ordering can be a way of not being disappointed later.

We thank you for your passion and support. We hope that the selection of Christmas 2022 products is to your liking and can make you happy.

The magic of Christmas spreads to Italy with North Pole Christmas Shop


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