Conditions of transport

These conditions regulate the shipping methods from the North Pole warehouse, transport by the courier and delivery to the destination address provided by the consumer when ordering.

Countries reached by North Pole

North Pole currently delivers to all countries in Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia. If the destination of the package is in a country that is not on the list and you still want to place an order, please contact us and we will estimate the transport costs to the requested destination.
The list may be subject to change without notice .

Any costs for customs clearance, customs duties, extra payments on delivery, taxes (IVA / VAT / GST) are always charged to the customer and nothing can be requested from North Pole as reimbursement of any such costs, not attributable to North Pole.

Transport and Delivery

The products travel with packages packed and delivered to the appropriate national / international forwarding agent. The shipment is traceable except for specific cases (for example use of the Postal Service). If there is a need to use a specific courier, please provide the information before shipping. The security of being able to use a different courier is absolutely not guaranteed, but maximum availability is confirmed in meeting the needs of the buyer.

Transport Price

The cost of the shipping is to be paid by the buyer and is calculated by the system during check-out according to the destination. For transport abroad the calculation it may be excessive as it is based on a weight estimate volumetric. In case of excessive transport price (for example by countries overseas), we invite you to contact us to evaluate the solution together better (for example, using a different courier) for shipping. Any excess differences will be clearly refunded to the customer.

North Pole has no the obligation to provide an alternative for shipping or to prepare packages only for the estimate of the shipping cost.

North addition Pole reserves the right to cancel orders whose cost calculated from system, is excessively lower than the actual cost requested by the courier. This clearly after sharing the information with the customer, with the which one will always try to find the best solution for both set off. In the event of no agreement and cancellation of the order, the refund of the product will be made to the customer.

For objects voluminous the transport price may necessarily have to be calculated at a later stage after check-out to get the correct price in based on the volumetric weight calculated by the courier. This implies that you order containing bulky objects cannot be considered concluded until the calculation the correct shipping price and the approval of the same by of the buyer. Obviously in case of non-approval, the order will come canceled and the entire amount paid will be returned to the customer by North Pole, subject to any expenses incurred. No extra costs (for example for the customization of a box) will be charged to the customer without approval of the same.

The price of the shipping is included for orders in Italy (and exclusively in Italy) over 100 euros. This does not apply to destinations that are difficult to reach reach (e.g. islands or remote locations). North Pole reserves the right to delete this policy at any time, without notice or need to give explanations. Clearly this does not include orders already placed and paid.

Delivery of the package

Please always check your email and / or phone to check for any messages from the shipper and ensure that the courier is present during delivery times. Any costs of storage or non-delivery will be borne by the customer.
The delivery of the ordered goods is always meant at street level, subject to the voluntary availability of the delivery person. There is no delivery service to the buyer's floor, especially in the case of bulky items, or porterage services, installation or disposal of packaging and / or waste.

Upon receipt of the goods, the Customer is obliged to verify that the number of packages corresponds to what is indicated in the delivery document and to report any shortcomings immediately to the courier, to check that the package is perfectly intact and packed, with no obvious signs of opening, subsequent packaging or damage. Please always sign "with reserve”in case of anomalies relating to delivery (damaged package, number of packages different from what is expected). In case of acceptance of the package without reservation and after signing, no disputes relating to the packaging of the package will be accepted. contents of the package, being the same packed and protected.

Reporting anomalies

Please contact North Pole immediately, using the contact form, if you have any problems with your delivery or package contents.